Oktava MK-319

Oktava MK-319 Details
The MK-319 is the successor to the MK-219, providing the same relentless attention to detail and legendary performance in an improved form. The MK-319 is housed in a new casing which has been acoustically designed to cut down the sound refractions inside the grill, allowing a smoother and more open sound, as well as being more rugged and shock resistant. The Switches are also improved and while still using magnetic reed switches the mechanism has been redesigned for extra durability and easier operation.

The Mic is a fixed-pattern, cardioid, large diaphragm mic intended for studio and broadcast usage. Featuring a classic design gold spattered teflon capsule teamed with low noise discreet preamplifier circuitry, resulting in a smooth frequency response from 40 hz to 16khz, with a gentle presence rise giving especial warmth and clarity to the human voice. The mic is also ideally suited to guitars, overheads and any other application where a warm clear sound is required. The design of the mic is specifically tuned to bringing the sound that it is used with up front in a sympathetic and flattering manner.

Comes in a bag with Mic Clip, Manual and One Year Warranty.  

Oktava MK-319 Specifications  

Mic type Large diaphragm condenser
Freq. Response, Hz 40-16000
Output sensitivity, mV/Pa 11
Max SPL, dB for 0, 5% THD 122
Self Noise (DIN), dBa <14
Output impedance, ohm 200
Phase Positive
Powering, V 48
Supply current, mA 8
Switches -10dB / High-Pass Filter
Weight, g 510
Length, mm 205
Max diameter/width, mm 52
Temp. Range -35degrees C to +45 degrees C
Relative Humidity 85% (+25 degrees C)
Accessories included Mic holder